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Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy decision nor is it a simple process. When you are looking for debt relief solutions, you need an experienced bankruptcy lawyer near Butler, PA, who understands the court system as well as the ins and outs of bankruptcy law. Fortunately, at McElrath Legal Holdings, LLC., we helped clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania deal with overwhelming debt and reached court-approved solutions for their most troubling financial problems. From dissolving unsecured debt to help you restructure bankruptcy student loans through student loan consolidation, we’re prepared to explore every possible relief option available.

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At our bankruptcy law firm in Pittsburgh, PA, our legal team makes a point to treat each client we work with like family. We always work to help our clients reach the best possible solution given their unique circumstances.  When you retain us for services, you’ll meet directly with an amicable, skilled bankruptcy attorney who’s ready to help you take decisive action over your finances. Call our firm to schedule an initial consultation, and we’ll work with you to determine how we can give you a fighting chance at restoring your financial future.

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Contact our law firm to partner with a skilled bankruptcy lawyer near Butler, PA, that’s ready to help you. With multiple offices throughout the state, we proudly serve clients throughout Pennsylvania.

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